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Collect your own unique book 11 * 11 cm in size!
Dear customer! We apologize for the price in rubles. Unfortunately, at this stage the price cannot be indicated in dollars. We are working on it!
Step 1. Select the fabric for the cover. It is already included in the total price.
Step 2. What cover do you want:
registered or ordinary?
The name of the child is indicated when placing the order.
Additionally: wish your Baby!
What could be nicer than kind words written with love?
A wish to the Baby is indicated at the time of placing the order.
Step 3. Select the pages for your book.
Step 4. The last step and a developmental book for your baby is ready!
It remains only to choose the color of the edging! It is already included in the total price.
We have reached the end, but still have doubts about the purchase?
Then be sure to look at the reviews of people who have already received their development books!
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